Sharmila Farooqi Official Vehicle Robbed In Karachi

Karachi: Few unidentified armed criminals have snatched Sindh Chief Minister’s Special Advisor Sharmila Farooqi’s official vehicle in Karachi, news channels reported. According to reports, Sharmila Farooqi went to a famous shopping spot Bahadrabad with her driver for some casual shopping.

After returning back from the shopping, her official car was snatched by the some unidentified snatchers, they traced her driver in New Town and run away after snatching the car. As a main concern it is informed to the police and forces have aired a message on the wireless to all police check posts in the town to trace the snatched car No: GSA-833 of Sharmila Farooqi.

People on the social media while commenting on thissaid that if politicians are not saved here then how can be a common man could be save? Government should focus on law and order situation because nowadays crimes are on its peak in Karachi.

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